The story

 With thoughtfully created individual pieces of fine jewelry, goldsmith and designer Abel Fabri set the foundation for a unique jewelry company over 30 years ago. Originally from Germany, he made his home in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and it became the place where Abel Fabri displayed his work in his own studio attracting loyal customers and lovers of fine jewelry. Okidanokh aims to remain a multi-generational business appealing to a diverse clientele.

Abel believes that a substance exists throughout the universe, inspiring the connected human mind and thereby facilitating the creative process. “Jewelry should transcend fashion and become a piece of art that is timeless,” says Abel. Just as precious materials endure time and changes in the earth’s atmosphere, works in gold and platinum will ideally hold its aesthetic value for all times.

Since the beginning, a rare team has helped expand Okidanokh into a one of a kind jewelry company, never straying from Abel Fabri’s original mission to create timeless pieces of wearable, precious art. With two flagship stores, one nestled in beautiful Palm Passage, St. Thomas and a newly opened store in Orlando, Florida, Okidanokh reflects an extensive and distinct collection. 

Located within their workshops, Okidanokh features European-trained master goldsmiths and designers that oversee the creative process. Working with gold and platinum from their raw form into a finished piece, our designers produce textures and designs unattainable through modern day jewelry manufacturing. Custom pieces are inspired by Okidanokh’s impressive array of rare and beautiful gemstones bringing forth incredibly sophisticated pieces to be cherished by their wearer.

For inquiries please contact us at one of our two locations.