The story

For more than 25 years, goldsmith/designer Abel Fabri has been fabricating a collection of wearable art out of gems, gold and platinum. The aesthetic purity and clean lines of his original work are inspiring to everyone from the true collector to the first time jewelry buyer.

Abel believes that a substance exists throughout the universe, inspiring the connected human mind and thereby facilitating the creative process. Fine jewelry should transcend fashion and style to become a piece of art that is timeless. He is not interested in creating "fad" jewelry or following older styles. Just as precious materials endure time and changes in the earth's atmosphere, gold work will ideally hold its aesthetic value for all times.

The finest, most exquisite of earth's gems are turned into masterpieces with gold and platinum in Abel's friendly and convivial downtown shops, located in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  Abel and his team of goldsmiths use old world goldsmithing techniques to create individual pieces of wearable, precious art.  Working with gold and platinum from their raw forms into a finished piece, they produce textures and designs unattainable through modern day jewelry manufacturing.  You are however not limited to pieces already made, he commands an impressive array of rare and beautiful gemstones that can be made wearable in a lively, yet incredibly sophisticated piece, custom made for you.

Let your desire lead you to the incomparable workshop of Abel Fabri: Okidanokh Goldcraft.